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Alan Lux Studios, LLC is a creative, unique, and bold studio that focuses on portrait, commercial, and event photography. We take great pride in delivering a personal approach to your photography needs. 

Our Mission:


in∙no∙vate /'ine , vat'/ (verb) 

to introduce something new

innovating new experiences, developing existing ones

make changes in something established 

the ability to diversify and innovate competitively drives our success 

mo∙ti∙vate /'mode , vat'/ (verb)

to provide with a motive or motives; incite; impel

we are motivated by our zeal


to stimulate one's interest in or enthusiasm for doing something

we will motivate others to live their dreams


cre∙ate /'kre ' at/ (verb)

to evolve from one's thought or imagination

we create understanding

cause to happen; bring about; arrange, as by intention or design

synergy of the artist and muse creates magic

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